A Drink Driving, Drug Driving or Driving Suspended conviction is a criminal conviction. I dont want this to happen to you. I will represent you at court to avoid a criminal conviction. There are alternative penalties like a good behaviour bond that avoid a conviction. But it may not be easy. A careful well prepared presentation is needed for the court hearing. I specialise in avoiding conviction for my clients. I have saved hundreds of clients just like you from receiving a conviction. Call Me now on tel://041-240-7577 to start preparing for court.

It is a common misconception that a traffic conviction is somehow not a criminal conviction. But  legally it is a criminal conviction. You are charged by Victoria Police. A charge is filed in the criminal division of the court. You are issued with a summons or bailed to attend court. You are prosecuted by a prosecutor from the Victoria Police. You are in the same court room as persons charged with theft, assault and drug trafficking. You can be punished by jail. It is definately a criminal conviction that will have you labelled as a criminal for the rest of your life. Do everything to avoid it!

What are the consequences of a criminal conviction? Your employer may sack you. In future you may have difficulty finding new employment as most employers perform a criminal history check on applicants. If you are a professional or require annual registration for employment then you may fail the character or suitabilty tests. You will probably fail  working with children checks. If you hold a firearm, security or other licence it may be cancelled or not renewable. If you are here on a student, bridging or temporary visa then you may have your visa cancelled or not renewed. Any application for permanent residency or Australian citizenship may be rejected.  Applications to rent will probably be rejected.

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