DRINK DRIVING LAWYER Werribee Magistrates Court

I regularly appear at Werribee Magistrates Court which now covers the high growth area of Melton and Sunbury. I represent drivers charged with drink driving, drug driving, driving suspended or driving whilst disqualified. I have saved many drivers from jail terms at Werribee Magistrates Court. My aim is to avoid licence loss for you or if that is not possible I aim to achieve the minimum possible suspension of your licence.

Many of my cases involve drivers being caught at booze buses and late at night. I have also represented many drivers who have hit sides of buildings and collided with parked cars or poles in the city. Magistrates regard these as serious incidents and you can go to jail. If you are in this situation I will represent you at court and present a detailed plea to the Court on your behalf. My aim is to avoid jail for you and obtain other penalties such as a fine or community work order.

Many drivers are caught driving suspended or driving disqualified in the suburbs where police use number plate recognition technology to catch drivers. I have represented hundreds of drivers like you caught for driving suspended or disqualified. I can help you to avoid jail and avoid further suspension of your licence. It is important to call me to make an appointment as soon as you are caught so we can prepare for your case at Werribee Magistrates Court.

My chambers are at 555 Lonsdale St Melbourne.