How do you find good legal advice for a drink driving case? Firstly, choose a lawyer who has lots of experience. Ask the lawyer how many years have they been giving legal advice in drink driving cases. I have been giving advice to drink drivers for over 26 years. Secondly, try to speak to the lawyer personally before you book an appointment. This way you will know if you have a rapport and can communicate with each other. If you only get to speak to a secretary hang up! Secretaries are not legally trained. You can call me on 0412 407577 and I will speak to you. My secretary does not take my calls. When you meet the lawyer is he or she listening to you. If they are waxing on how great they are then you should be suspicious. Finally, free legal advice is worth what you pay for it. I offer a free assessment of whether you need to engage a lawyer. Some lawyers will advertise they offer free legal advice. The reality is they will charge you more for services later to cover the cost of the so called free legal advice. What you should ask is what will be the TOTAL legal cost of completing my case. I always advise all my clients at the first opportunity what the total cost will be to complete their case. This is both fair and transparent and avoids any doubt. It creates certainty and both parties know what to expect from each other. In my view trust and respect is the basis of a good relationship and that will result in good legal advice.