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I have an infringement notice

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Some may tell you that you do, but I’m going to give it to you straight. If you admit you are guilty and are not worried about a criminal conviction then your case is straightforward and involving a lawyer at this point is just an unnecessary expense. You do not need to call me. However, if  you dont believe you are guilty or you want to avoid a criminal conviction, you definitely need legal counsel. If you wish to avoid a criminal conviction or plead not guilty you should call me to arrange an appointment

If you have a Drink Driving Infringement Notice You Can Avoid Court.

drinkdrivingimg2If you have a full licence and your reading was under 0.15% and it is your first offence or you have no offence for 10 years you will usually receive an Infringement Notice from the police. If you want to plead guilty then you can pay the fine and you will lose your licence for the period stated in the notice. But be careful. When you pay the fine it is recorded as a criminal conviction and you will have a criminal conviction on your name. The only way to avoid a conviction is to call me to arrange to object to the notice and send the matter to the Court.



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Will I Have a Criminal Record?

If you pay the fine you will have a criminal record. If this does not worry you you do not need to call me. If you wish to avoid a conviction the only way to prevent a conviction being placed on your name is having your case heard in court where I can argue for you not to have a criminal conviction.

Do You Handle My Type Of Case?

Where you have received a drink driving infringement notice many persons decide to accept the infringement notice and pay the penalty. I would not want to waste your time or mine if I cannot change the outcome of your case. If you admit you are guilty and are not worried by a criminal conviction then you can simply pay the fine. You do not need to call me. However, if you wish to receive legal advice about fighting the charge or how to avoid a conviction then please give me a call to arrange a conference. I will handle your case in court to argue for a non conviction penalty.

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