Drug Driving Charges are a criminal conviction and can affect your future in many ways. I see many drivers every week charged with Drug Driving who tell me they have not consumed any drugs for many weeks prior to being charged by police. This is because drugs can stay in your system for many weeks after you last took them. Alcohol is different. Your liver removes the alcohol out of your system very quickly. But drugs such as cannabis, methyl amphetamine and MDMA(ecxtasy) can take many weeks to completely be removed from your system. This is why even though you are clearly not under the influence or affected by a drug your police test will show the presence of a drug. The legislation makes it an offence to drive with any level of drug in your system no matter how small the amount. The police do not have to prove you were affected by the drug while driving or your ability to drive was impaired in any way.

First drug driving offence has a 3 month compulsory minimum licence disqualification and subsequent offences in 10 years have a six month compulsory minimum period. The fine is not large. You may think it is just easier to pay the fine but be warned it is recorded on your record forever as a drug driving conviction. It will affect many things. Just some examples are working with children checks, professional body registrations, visa applications, work visas, firearm licences, security licences, government positions and employment applications.

I specialise in drug driving charges and will seek at court to obtain a non conviction penalty for you so you can pursue your career and future plans. All is not lost. You simply made a bad decision to drive not knowing a drug was still in your system. I do not judge you. We all are capable of making mistakes. I will help you through this difficult period. Call 0412 407 577  to arrange a conference.