From the 1st August 2015, if you are caught drink driving for the first time and have a reading of .10% or higher then you face the prospect of having the vehicle you are driving impounded for 30 days. You will lose your licence for at least 10 months and have to pay a fine of $627. On top of these penalties you will have to pay towing costs for police to tow the vehicle to a storage address and then also have to pay storage fees of many hundred dollars before police will release the car. When you have served your disqualification period you will be required to complete a drink driving course and then apply to the court to be re-licenced. It is mandatory that you have an alcohol interlock condition on your licence.

Some will argue these tougher new laws are necessary to lower the number of drink drivers on our roads. But there are some issues with the new laws. What if it is the only car in the family and you are caught driving your parent’s or partner’s car? What if they depend on having that vehicle to get to and from work? The owner of a car such as a ute or station wagon may need it for work to carry tools. What happens if you are driving your employer’s car or prime mover? What happens if someone borrows your car and without your knowledge they are caught drink driving over .10% and your car is impounded? If this applies to you I may be able to have the vehicle released from impoundment.

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