The Victorian government has passed legislation to fix up the police blunder of not properly authorising police to conduct breath tests and drug tests. On the 11th August 2015 the Victoria Police Amendment (Validation) Act 2015 commenced operation which declares retrospectively that all certificates of authority to conduct breath tests and drug tests that were issued between the 1st July 2014 and the 6th March 2015 are now valid. Very few drivers actually escaped conviction because Victoria Police were adjourning cases where the certificate of authority was defective until the loophole was closed in August 2015. The only exception is if you had obtained legal representation from a lawyer like me and had obtained a ruling from the court prior to the amendment on the 11th August 2015. This highlights the importance of seeking expert legal advice in drink driving and drug driving matters. If you beleive there has been a problem with police procedure please call me on 0412 407 577 to obtain expert legal advice.

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