The short answer is because you will receive the best result possible for you. This is because the skill of your lawyer has a major affect on the result you achieve at court. I see many persons at court being represented by lawyers who are not experts in the area of drink driving or drug driving. When your licence is so important to your employment and family it is essential you use an expert like me to minimise the licence disqualification. An extra 6 months off the road could cost you many thousands of dollars in lost income. The extra fees you pay for an expert lawyer like me are far outweighed by the extra income you will earn by getting your licence back sooner.

The traffic law in Victoria is very complex and long. It is over one thousand pages! I have specialised in drink driving law for over 25 years. I have a detailed knowledge of traffic law. I have appeared in the Supreme Court, County Court and Magistrates Court in major drink driving cases. I am in court always representing persons charged with drink driving, drug driving, driving suspended or driving disqualified. This practical on the ground experience means I know how to achieve the best result for you. I keep up to date with all the latest developments in traffic law.

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